Here’s the full artwork I created for my English song cover of “White Flame”.  I have to admit that Russia’s outfit seen on the “Winter” CD cover is still one of my favorites, so I wanted to draw him out wearing it again!

Happy Hetalia season 5 on DVD release day~!

Oh man, I’ve been working on this project for months, but only now is it finished.  Thank you all for the kind words and support with my translation!  I’ve been pretty blown away by everything.

I wanted to celebrate the domestic DVD release with something special as well as take a stab at adapting my original translation so that anyone could sing along in English.

And yes, this is a shortened version of the original song; all the monologue segments have been skipped.

Using Kaito’s English voicebank has been quite a learning experience in many ways as well.  I’d say that he’s been a fun partner to work with, haha.

If you’d like the full lyrics written out for easy singalong access, I’ve uploaded them to my DA page here.




Smug Imagni by *Tagami-Crown

Oh hey, this fun picture returns~! Old art ahoy!

people have been uploading lots of old art to Tumblr (or i’ve found art through the far back Engelbaum tag) and i’m sat here like fangasming for the umpteenth time. This is one of my favourite pictures of Imagni of all time *drops mic*

It’s a fun trip down memory lane, you bet! Wowowow, it is? ;______; That means so much to me, oh my goodness!


Smug Imagni by *Tagami-Crown

Oh hey, this fun picture returns~! Old art ahoy!

(via engelbaum18)

Title: Eliezer's Waltz Artist: Disparition 4,965 plays


Welcome to Night Vale 19B: The Sandstorm

Disparition - Eliezer’s Waltz

Get it here:

The Psiioniic turned Helmsman is the stuff of nightmares.  If the Psiioniic shares Mituna’s title of Heir of Doom, then it’s like a waterfall of one bad thing after another.  Doomed until death forced far beyond what would be expected, and it’s exceptionally sad.

The flavors of inspiration this round was brought to you by the nightmare fuel known as what the Psiioniic had to endure, getting so sick last month that I could barely function, and using art as stress relief.

Now excuse me while I go cry in a corner after having spent far too long coloring up those tentacle wires of doom.









And it’s GO TIME!

[S] Rex Duodecim Angelus is on Youtube and ready for your enjoyment.

I am so, so, so, so proud of us.

Check out this amazing work on art!

Holy shit it’s DONE

this has been a thing for longer than I’ve been in the fandom and the fact that it’s done is just MIND BLOWING

it turned out AMAZING, good job.

oh my god. oh my god

OH MY GOD i remember when this project started. i was so excited then because i love this song and I AM SO EXCITED NOW, LIKE 4 YEARS LATER. CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU FOR FINISHING, this is INCREDIBLE!!!

This is jawdroppingly awesome.

YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC there may have been a few points where i was getting wobbly and misty-eyed just because it was so perfect.

help I’m having feelings

So much beautiful teamwork!! ;A;

Happy Wriggling Day, Karkat~!

Maybe he’ll reach god tier before the finale, but for the time being, I wanted to make the attempt to draw Karkat in said god tier outfit as part of this celebration.

Title: Gold Pilot Artist: Homestuck 4,357 plays


-Gold Pilot

coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A

-by First Turn Fold

Quick preview of the one of the sketches in my current art batch, brought to you by progress report time, for those interested.  Bonus points to anyone who can guess what it’s of.  ;)

There are two big artwork deadlines I’m shooting for in the coming months.  The first is something I’m more confident in finishing on time, but the other…  I’m less certain about, due to how involved it is.  Another factor in this equation is how busy my job may be keeping me, but I’ll try my best!

For those of you who have been enjoying my Homestuck fanart, I do have more coming, including something for one of the deadlines mentioned above.  Some might have already guessed what, haha.

The big project I’m uncertain if I can meet the self-imposed deadline for?  One word hint: Hetalia.

Other works will likely pop in here and there, but these are my current main plans.

Above all else, I deeply appreciate all the support you’ve all shown me.  Thank you for your patience and still sticking with me, and I hope to share more fun with you soon!