Anonymous asked: do you know any good doujinshis of Alpha x Clear?

Hello, anon!  It’s been a while since I last really looked through my DMMd doujinshi collection, but sure!  Recommendation times ahoy!

If we’re limiting ourselves to only Alpha x Clear works, that makes things a little trickier.  There are multiple Alpha x Clear books that are kind of flat in writing and focus almost entirely on noncon/dubcon without much buildup, so I can’t recommend those if you’re looking for good stuff.  It doesn’t help that this pairing isn’t exactly popular, either.

What my searching came down to is this selection of books brought to you by the awesome Daikaisou:


From left to right, we have:

  • 出来損ないは誰だ (Alpha x Clear x Aoba)
  • あまのじゃく (Alpha x Clear)
  • DYEMARCH (Clear + brothers anthology)

Compared to other Alpha x Clear works I’ve read through, I really enjoy the way Daikaisou handles these two together.  There’s the bitterness and jealousy over what makes them different, but there’s the underlying feeling of understanding and acceptance that could have become more of a reality if the circumstances were different.

DYEMARCH is an anthology book, so it includes works by multiple artists besides Daikaisou, so there’s humor and angst in there, haha.  Daikaisou’s story bit in this one is kind of silly, interestingly enough.

I’m not certain which of these books can be actively found currently, though.  The majority of Daikaisou’s DMMd doujinshi were released before Re:connect came out, so if you’re interested in buying any of these, your only option might be through a reseller.  Just be careful not to spend too much, since doujinshi-collecting can be an expensive hobby!

I hope this helps, and happy doujinshi hunting!  ^o^

Fanart challenge time! It’s readysetjeans' original queen character who’s pretty awesome, so I had to draw her, haha.  Just my take on her design, so it’s likely got a lot of wrong details, but it was still fun to do!

Very delayed thank you gift for ohmygoditsamber~!  I’m so sorry to have made you wait so long, and I hope you’re okay with the fluffy hug goodness, even if the requested height difference may not be as obvious.  *_*

Dear readysetjeans, I said I’d do this thing, so here it is~! Gift art time!

Silly picture of my take on the two of us as our respective sign trolls, or maybe it’s more precise to describe this as our sign trolls channeling us?  Either way, Ruuko = Kanaya and myself = Gamzee.

Shh, no chainsaws, only happy dreams for us, buddy! <>

Initial practice attempt at figuring out Erisolsprite’s design, as a vent doodle taken a couple steps further.  Something quicker for the limited time I’ve had to work on art as of late.

Since there’s the circle of fate and relationships going on in Homestuck, I’d like to believe that the Psiioniic and the Signless were just as close friends as Sollux and Karkat have been.  It’s an uplifting thought, considering all the tragedy that went on for the ancestors as a whole.

yOu GoT tO sHoW sOmE fAiTh In YoUr FrIeNdS, cAuSe ThEy’Re AlL tHe OnEs WhO’rE bEiNg To LoOk OuT fOr YoU.”

Gamzee gets a special place in my heart for many reasons, including that he’s my patron troll, although I’m bumping shoulders with Eridan if you want to be technical, haha. As a side note, Gamzee was the first Homestuck character I sketched out, but it took me longer to get used to his design than the others I’ve drawn thus far.

"my holy fire is the wwhite fury bled from the wwrath-wweary eyes of fifty thousand nonfictional angels and wwhen theyre finished wweepin they wwill boww before their prince”

Yet another favorite, it’s Eridan, although I can’t quite explain in so few words the kind of challenge it was to figure him out in my style, haha.  At the least, I think I’m getting into the swing of things and having some fun as I go!

iin ca2e you havent notiiced ii de2pii2e my2elf and perpetually 2eek two dupliicate through emotiional paiin the cacophony of phy2iical paiin my hiideou2 mutant braiin cau2e2 me every day.

Time for another favorite, and it’s Sollux for this round.  Working things into my style has been one challenge after another, haha.  Is it ironic that Sollux’s way of talking tends to cheer me up somewhat? Yes it is, yes it is.

Let’s have a momentary break from work and art, brought to you by these awesome Homestuck charms~!

So yeah, all those aspects.  Breath, Time, Light, Space, Life, Heart, Void, Hope, Rage, Blood, Doom, and Mind.  It’s pretty fascinating how some are pretty literal while others represent certain themes more.  Some of the cast have aspects that fit them all too well, while others have aspects that challenge them or seem unfitting at first glance.

Still, thinking about each aspect is fun.  Which aspect can suit some of my friends?  How about my original characters?  The trickiest part was trying to find an aspect that would work for me, and even then, I can’t decide between two, haha.