Sway, sway, swaying, 
Between the waves…
Shine, shine, shining,
Their voice drift into the distance.
Title: Dmmd ED 4 ( Lullaby Blue) 500 plays


They have put an english song and I really didn’t expect this. :)

Here is the link to download this song.

Another perfect ending song for Clear!

Clear’s battle, with the power of music!

Title: Clip from "Jellyfish Song" Artist: Masatomo Nakazawa 38,078 plays


Taken from Nitro+CHiRAL’s Ustream on August 29 (#36), this a clip from the “disc version” of the Jellyfish Song that Masatomo Nakazawa sings in the anime.

(via simulatedtwilighttown)

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to!

Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people.

Okay, let’s do this thing!

  1. "Strange Moments" from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
  2. "Eyes Love You" by hide
  3. "The Song of Dawn" by Sound Horizon
  4. "Master of Shadow" from Persona 3
  5. "Web of Night" by T.M.Revolution
  6. "Yumemiru Uchuu" (Dreaming Space) by Buck-Tick
  7. "Meiou -θανατος-" (King of Hades -Thanatos-) by Sound Horizon
  8. "Chasing Memories" from Panzer Dragoon Saga
  9. "Lost Impact" from Shadow the Hedgehog
  10. "Dreaming" from Mushishi

Oh dear…  *coughs*  Not tagging specific people, but feel free to give it a try if you have the time~!

Fun side references, this time for two of my fan trolls, Gavran (left) and Vidden (right).  Quick basic rundowns of each are as followed:

Gavran Algora

  • Blood Color: jade
  • Title: Page of Light
  • Strife Specibus: crowbarkind
  • Sign: Corvus constellation

Vidden Dreble

  • Blood Color: purple
  • Title: Seer of Life
  • Strife Specibus: syringekind
  • Sign: Microscopium constellation

These two are moirails who keep each other supplied with the things they’re after.  Gavran scavenges and gives Vidden any useful equipment he runs across, while Vidden is an expert at creating recovery potions for Gavran to use.

It’s been years since I drew my fan Gen last, and it was time for an update to their design.  With all the recent Engelbaum appreciation floating around as well as many new and old fan Gens popping up, I couldn’t help myself from joining in.  For those unfamiliar with the concept of what a Gen is, you can read up all about them on the Engelbaum page about them here.

Tiresias, tied to the color Tanzanite, is one from the Indigo Realm.  The basic details about Tiresias are unchanged from the original design years ago, such as their Genstone being related to the sixth chakra, the third eye, and located on the forehead.  They still have the ability to foretell future events, yet choosing to be vague about the details when confronted.  Tiresias adores researching (mostly useless) information, same as always.

In the earlier days, Tiresias would often leave their home in the Indigo Realm and spend much of their time in other Realms.  They used to consider themself a shaman and one in tune with nature, acting more like a hermit and enduring an isolated period of time of inner discovery away from the contact of others.  Eventually, they were drawn back to their home, thanks to the appeal of new data to collect as well as being charmed by the power of music.

Being tied to Tanzanite, with its many shades combined together from blues to purples and even more, Tiresias is on the edge of many different things without being limited to just one.  This can also be seen in their fashion choices, although they’ve accepted a more digital inspiration for what they wear currently.

Tiresias still has wings, but they’ve adapted into a more casual form, which can even interact with various technologies Tiresias is prone to using.  This particular wing appearance is similar to external compact speakers with many wires, as can be seen wrapped around the upper arms.  With the way things have turned out, I’d expect Tiresias’ home to be a warzone of wires and electronics strewn around like a nest.

In the end, Tiresias has evolved into a kind of technology addict who enjoys munching on information and drinking in music.  Even then, they still have visions of the future that must be attended to, especially if friends are at risk.

Here’s the full artwork I created for my English song cover of “White Flame”.  I have to admit that Russia’s outfit seen on the “Winter” CD cover is still one of my favorites, so I wanted to draw him out wearing it again!

Happy Hetalia season 5 on DVD release day~!

Oh man, I’ve been working on this project for months, but only now is it finished.  Thank you all for the kind words and support with my translation!  I’ve been pretty blown away by everything.

I wanted to celebrate the domestic DVD release with something special as well as take a stab at adapting my original translation so that anyone could sing along in English.

And yes, this is a shortened version of the original song; all the monologue segments have been skipped.

Using Kaito’s English voicebank has been quite a learning experience in many ways as well.  I’d say that he’s been a fun partner to work with, haha.

If you’d like the full lyrics written out for easy singalong access, I’ve uploaded them to my DA page here.




Smug Imagni by *Tagami-Crown

Oh hey, this fun picture returns~! Old art ahoy!

people have been uploading lots of old art to Tumblr (or i’ve found art through the far back Engelbaum tag) and i’m sat here like fangasming for the umpteenth time. This is one of my favourite pictures of Imagni of all time *drops mic*

It’s a fun trip down memory lane, you bet! Wowowow, it is? ;______; That means so much to me, oh my goodness!